Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Big Pharma exposed

This is the industry we're all up against. Not just smokers and people who are somehow compelled to take 'diet' drugs, but every one of us is facing a huge industry that is constantly trying to convince us we're ill; an industry that makes drugs and then defines a new 'illness' to sell those drugs, that spends three times as much money on marketing as it does on research, that has doctors and health organisations in its pockets. The pharmaceutical industry is so powerful it has been granted immunity, so if someone suffers severe reactions or dies as a result of a drug, no action can be taken against the industry. Drugs can be created and fast-tracked through testing, meaning you, your family and perhaps most importantly, babies and children, are being injected or pill-fed drugs that are potentially lethal and a lot of the time have no positive effect anyway. None of us should allow ourselves to be human guinea-pigs.

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  1. What Gwen says is very true.

    But it must be remembered that the power of the medical profession is far greater than that of the drug companies and should therefore be able to place checks and balances on the activities of drug companies. However, the power of the profession has been greatly reduced by legal pressures that limit clinical freedom so that Big Parma can do as it pleases.

    For more details see: