Saturday, 4 September 2010

Youths Want Landlords to Decide Smoking Status

According to a survey by Freedom 2 Choose, teengers think landlords should have the choice of whether an establishment permits smoking or not. The Morning Advertiser reports:

Members and supporters surveyed 1,312 under-25s in five different areas of England and found 99.7% think pubs and clubs should have the choice about whether people can smoke inside.

And 98.4% think pubs and clubs should be allowed separate smoking rooms.

Just 1.8% said the smoking ban deterred them from smoking, although 85% said it had affected their social habits.

Meanwhile, 85.2% agreed that second hand smoke does not pose a health threat.

What's most interesting about this is that it's young people, i.e. the generation brought up hearing the scare stories of smoking and passive smoking, the generation that has been PC'd, the generation that has always been accustomed to anti-smoking reports and legislation. So despite a lifetime of anti-smoking propaganda, the vast majority believe passive smoking doesn't pose a threat to health and believe smokers should be allowed to enjoy their legal habit under a roof. Perhaps all is not lost.

This begs the question that if the public is not in favour of a ban, why do we, a supposedly democratic society, have one? How can we, in this age of technological advance and proposed tolerance to others, not allow separate smoking rooms or proven ventilation to combat the annoyance of smoke?

Older generations were never in favour of the ban, either. In fact, they were predominantly the ones smoking in venues like pubs or bingo halls, had grown up in smoky environments and smoked most of their lives. I'd bet any money that a similar poll of adults and the elderly would find similar results, because people are generally tolerant and smart enough to realise that they're not going to get struck down with cancer by a night in a smoky pub. Not until we're given a single name of a person who died from secondhand smoke exposure.

The public have spoken. We don't want a draconian ban, and we don't want our liberties removed.




  2. Thanks Rich. It took a lot of hard work by dedicated f2c members to produce this survey. I must point out that all respondents were guranteed anonymity in order that truthful views/answers were given. Without doubt, the truth has come out-which is more than we can expect from the anti smoking factory!
    Phil Johnson

  3. Phil, you guys did a great job with this! Rich, I believe the survey pool was not "teenagers" however: it was "under 25s."

    Of course skeptics will say "Well what do you expect from a survey by a pro-smoking group?" Which, all by itself, allows for an educational moment when you can point out that all the other surveys are either by or paid for any anti-smoking groups. Duh. LOL!


  4. Ah, hmm, well, teens are under 25!

    The pro-smoking argument always makes me laugh. I don't think there is such a thing as a pro-smoking organisation, because to me, if anti-smoking is discouraging smoking, pro-smoking would be encouraging it. There's no group i'm aware of that goes around saying 'hey, everyone light up!'