Monday, 8 November 2010

Philipina Schergevitch: Petition and the Media

Hopefully most of you are aware of the petition I started to try to keep Philipina Schergevitch in her home. For those of you unaware of the story itself, click here. The upshot of this alarming story was the aforementioned petition; in 4 days we got 88 names, one for each year she has been alive, and emailed it off to the Housing Association. Unsurprisingly I've had no response (yet) but the original story was in newspapers all over Canada, and signatories for the petition were citizens from the UK, Austria, America, Canada, Australia and some other European countries. This is another demonstration that we can all pull together when we need to.

Last night Eddie Douthwaite of Freedom2Choose Scotland emailed me the following, a scan of the Scottish newspaper Sunday Post's article on Philipina and the campaign. The article can be read here.

Following this, Michael McFadden sent this link. Read it, weep, and show everyone you possibly can. The more people understand where this tirade is coming from, the more hope we have of gaining enough support to stop it.

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who signed the petition and helped spread word of it, the support was overwhelming.


  1. Oh, if only people new....

  2. Well done Rich! Authorities never like the dirty end of their sticks to be made public. Plus I'm sure the effort has meant a LOT to Philipina in the midst of a very stressful period. One of the greatest fears faced by the elderly is becoming homeless, and the amount of psychological and physical wear and tear on this near nongenerian brought on by all this is incredible.

    But at least now, when she's telling people about it she can say, "There was even an INTERNET campaign supporting me that got signatures from people on three different continents condemning the housing association!"


  3. Indeed she can Michael! And her e-cig will be posted hopefully this week so she can make people jealous with all her newfound generous friends.

    Juliette, people will know soon enough. We need to disseminate that link as far and wide as possible